Want to get your product or service in front of highly engaged marketing leaders and business owners? Then sponsoring #BurkeBits may be a good option.

To start, email me at [email protected].

Here’s how sponsorship works:

I’ll craft a story or a how-to guide around the problem you solve. I’ll recommend you as an option to solve that problem—or, if true, I’ll share how I personally used your product or service.

What’s most important is that:

  • Readers get tangible, actionable advice whether they choose to work with you or not

  • Every word is honest, true, and authentic

  • You have a quality product or service that I feel comfortable recommending

What you’ll get:

  • The newsletter will be sent to all subscribers (paying and non-paying)

  • You will be the only advertiser included (the story or guide is centered around you, after all)

  • A product or service image, if you’d like to provide one (barring approval)

  • A backlink to your website will be included

  • The story will live on burkebits.com indefinitely

  • It will be shared to LinkedIn as a newsletter and social media post

  • You will be tagged in the social media post

  • You can share or promote the post through your own channels

If you’re not sure what the content will look like, check out some of my previous posts:

The audience:

  • 1,000+ subscribers (email and LinkedIn)

  • ~45% open rate

  • 5,600+ LinkedIn followers

  • Primarily marketers in leadership and ownership roles

Cost: $750 per post

Pay must be received before content is created.


#BurkeBits releases one post per week, published on Wednesday mornings. Currently, turnaround from payment to publish is within 4 weeks. This is subject to change depending on availability.

If you’re trying to hit a certain timeline or to coordinate this sponsorship with others, let me know. We can probably make it work.

Ready to promote your business on #BurkeBits? Email [email protected] to get started.